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Scott Brock Horseshoeing

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Kyle, Texas 78640  512-298-7398

Me and the "Boss"
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 We are a full service farrier company, with over 17 years experience. We believe in good basics and sound shoeing principles. Concentrating on each horse as an individual and shoeing to that horse's needs.  We believe a qualified farrier will save you money in the long run.
No Cracks
No Flares
No Excuses
Scott is a Journeyman Farrier who has competed in over 35 shoeing competitions. He is a published author on the trade. Scott is considered a lameness expert, with specialties being founder, hock, and suspensory problems. We are experienced in all techniques of shoeing for all disciplines.

Our services include:
    • Dressage
    • Jumpers/Hunters
    • Arabian Show
    • Western Pleasure
    • Reiners 
    • Draft Horses
    • Lameness/ Veterinarian
    • Backyard Pet
Give us a call and we can discuss your particular situation.


Serving most of Texas, California, Arizona. Don't be afraid to call and ask if we service your area.


Scott Brock Horseshoeing
Kyle, Texas
512-298-7398 brockhorseshoeing@hotmail.com

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